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    Great write up by Scott regarding Easter Sunday at the Pond…..Anyhow, I finally managed my first session of the year at Durand with wind touching in really nicely at around 20 mph.  BY the time I had triple checked that I had all my gear with me for the first time this year, Scott had been putting is 6.3 through its paces.  I rigged a 6.6 as quick as I could and hit the water to chase Scotty.  He had given me a pair of painters gloves for my hands as he had seen Art doing, and damn if it doesn’t work pretty well..at least better than my mitts.

    If this session was a bowl of oatmeal, then Scott got to eat the warm out meal all covered with maple syrup fresh out of the pot.  I managed to dig into said bowl of oatmeal while some quickly cooling clumpy chunks of oats were still to be had, and low and behold, Bill heard the spoon rattling at the bottom of the bowl and managed to at least get his first plaining reach in for the year.

    Ready for more..and the HIHO on April 30 too.


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    Yeah it was a nice noon hour session with a bit of thermal assist to it. What a difference a day makes. On Sunday we were getting our butts handed to us in winds gusting to 50 on Long Pond but today it was right in that sweet spot of around 18 to 23mph mostly out of the NW, just right for my old Fanatic Ray and a 6.3 meter sail. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about getting in the cold water but a rare thing happened; I hit all my jibes and didn’t get wet! This only happens when the winds are nice and steady. Doug made a great call with the 6.6 as when he hit the water I was already falling off plane in spots. And Bill…well its always nice to see Bill and he did get wet! Til next time….See Ya!

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