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    FLX Kiter Brad

    First it was a direct leachate line from the dump into the lake, then it was a deep injection well of heavy metals slurry in between Seneca and Cayuga, then it was explosive gas storage under Watkins glen and now more bone heads want to put a trash burning facility  next to Seneca…what will these clowns come up with next to ruin our water sports with???



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    FLX Kiter Brad

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    Thanks, Brad. I’ve forwarded the waterfrontonline link to paddling friends who will be interested. With the Seneca landfill slated to close, it’s not surprising that someone has been working on the next option. This project may be hard to prevent. In the last 20 years, a number of upstate areas have been turned into trash piles, mainly taking refuse from NYC and other metropolitan areas that don’t have any place to put their refuse. So they ship it to upstate NY (and rural areas in other states). As long as there are developers looking to make something out of low-value rural real estate, and metropolitan areas under extreme pressure to find some place to get rid of their trash, landfill projects are hard to defeat with NIMBY strategies. Combine that with the old depot being a particularly difficult problem, because it’s hard to rehabilitate for most “normal” uses, and the usual coalition of wineries and regional agrarian interests may not have enough clout to hold this project off.

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    I read a review of municipal waste incineration that basically said more air pollutants like dioxin would be released due to the high plastic content of garbage. So until we can give up our love of plastic packaging this does seem like a stupid idea.

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