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    Later than most of the die hard Rochester and FLX winter warriors, I had my first session of the year on Canandaigua Lake on Sunday.

    Conditions were surprisingly good on the big sheet of 6-8 inch thick ice at the northern end.  Six to seven ice boats got on the ice along the pier where a small hop gives you access with some steps.  Thanks to intrepid adventurer Scott Rowe for the heads up on conditions….I was all set up to waste the day away watching the Buffalo Bills……time that would be well spent with my family, but frustratingly predictable in its result.

    I packed up two 5.5 Kitewings, and the smaller SK8 hand held wing, as well as skis and skates.  I always carry a demo 5.5 for anybody interested.  The alert said black ice with some snow, but I was leery considering the amount of snow we had had.

    The whole northern end of the lake as far as you could see was frozen over, and the ice boat crew was able to explore all of it, though some was bumpy and snow covered.  I likely could have done the same on skis but opted for a smaller of mostly clean black ice near the swim beach and Canandaigua Sailboarding on hockey skates.

    It was fantastic smooth riding, and I was able to log in 12 miles of ripping, jibing, and tacking with a few jumps mixed in.  Scott came over after his DN session and took a few runs on the Kitewing and did his first Kitewing jibe.  NICE!  Scott has a few Kitewing ski sessions under his belt already this year)I topped out at 24 mph, averaging 13mph  according to the Strava phone app.

    Don’t overlook Canandaigua as a destination for ice wind sports, it is wide open and sometimes doesn’t get nearly the lake snow of the other locations we use.

    I’ll post a couple pics soon.


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