DO IT! Roseland Wake Park FREE For All June 17

Roseland Wake Park’s (Canandaigua) annual Liquid Force Free For All, is this Saturday June 17.  I took my son last year and we both learned to wakeboard and then spent the rest of the day riding for free on the cable at slower speeds.  I highly recommend it!  Everything is free…riding, board use, life jackets, hot dogs, stickers……FREE!  The lines took about 15 minutes between rides.  CLICK HERE.

Must Read: Long Pond Launch, Important Parking Reminder

A State Trooper stopped recently to remind a group of windsurfers that parking along the road on the house side of Edgemere Drive at Long Pond is forbidden.  He let the well mannered group off with a reminder but said tickets will be coming if we don’t park our cars on the correct side of the road (pond side) from now on.  ALSO, remember to be respectful when rigging on the private lawns at Long Pond.  Our community has been lucky to be allowed to rig there and in return do our part to use appropriate language, clean up any trash, and manage our gear space.  Some of the home owners have turned over and have young kids so we should of course put our best foot forward.