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    Just a heads up to interested people.  I have the Naish Hover 122 board and Thrust foil ordered from Ken at Baycreek Paddles. He has ordered the crossover foil setup so we should have a couple versions windsurf foiling to check out fairly soon. I am really excited by the concept and would love to share time on this new aspect of a sport that I have enjoyed for so many years. Also having been away from windsurfing for so long, I am interested in seeing how much gear has improved.  I would appreciate any chance to try more current gear  🙂

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    Update:   Our order was rejected so waiting for Ken to get back from Labor day dealer meeting to see what is available for light air windsurf foiling. Going nuts waiting for my new electric ride and foil gear.

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    This is really cool Mark (aka borntoloop)!  A few uf us have heard rumblings under the surface about wind foils coming to town.  Gary, and Jason seem to also be thinking of getting us a chance.  Hat off to you for taking the chance on it…boy it ain’t cheap!  The whole thing has not looked that interesting to me, but I feel like that is changing the more I see it.  I watched a Naish how-to vid that looked cool as well as a Sailworks one.  Besides cost, one of the things for me is time.  I have two kids and a busy schedule as a result, but maybe wind foiling will help to get through the less than windy summer months.

    Greg B. is constantly talking up the magic of foiling too.

    Keep us updated, and thanks for posting on the forum!

    Doug W


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