Launch Overview

Area Windsurf and Kitesurf launches are plentiful and offer a variety of riding conditions for all ability levels.  Many of the launches are a short drive from the city of Rochester, with some being a longer haul for the hardcore wind and wave chasing enthusiast.  Whatever your search is for, whether you are new to the sport or a long time participant, you can surely find it on the lakes in the area. Individual launch pages can be accessed via the menu bar above.  Individual pages note optimal wind direction as well as important safety and logistic information.Joe and Bill launch at Webster Park


Launch Safety

Many of the launch sites are in or near high traffic areas for the general public.  It is extremely important that care be taken and guidelines be followed to ensure the safety of board riders, as well as the amazed spectators/beach goers we share access with.  To be sure that our launch access is maintained and all users remain safe, please follow the sport specific guidelines listed below.


Kite Safety and Ettiquette



Windsurf Safety and Ettiquette