• Like new, probably used ~6 times, there are NO scratches on the monofilm, no wear on fabric or stitching. Seriously, it’s like new except for very minor crinkles from storage. Works best on an Ezzy 400 skinny mast (with no extension). Fell out of my quiver when I switched to Hot Sails. It was in a friend’s garage in Pittsburgh and I picked it up…[Read more]

  • Local wind was bad, and my truck is broken down anyway. NY highway salt has had  it’s way with too many parts hanging in the underbody. Probably will get it back after July 4, and many $1000s to replace lots of parts. Good to hear you all are having good sessions. I’m still at 1 here in NY (had 3 down in Hilton Head in May).

    Doug…if the sail…[Read more]

  • Still for sale, heckuva great cartop carrier for windsurfing.

  • Cool pics.

    I made the error of bringing a big board and a little board, but NOT the board I needed (117 Aero). So I was on the rainbow Freak (6.7) and 89L Kombat…could of used more board in the Montana-sized holes.

    I agree that crowded launch sites are problematic and everyone needs to follow the rules of the road. Bikies and wind sports…[Read more]

  • Doug is correct.

    Floatation vests are not USCG approved, and if you were ever stopped by the CG it wouldn’t save you from a ticket. But it looks pretty good and I’ve never heard of any windsurfer being stopped. I have the same basic one and like it very much.

    Kayaking rodeo jackets are probably the best call if you choose to have a real Class…[Read more]

  • Inventor of the sailboard, Newman Darby, passes…

    RIP, pal. Thanks for all the great times.

  • You might need to back off on some of that coffee, Doug…

  • With the Fx as it was, I have no doubt about 10 foot swells. It’s been ages, but I’ve been in that and Erie definitely dishes up that kind of stuff.

    Sadly, it worked out to be too cold for the amount of wind we had here (my judgment). Sailable, but when it’s in the 30’s my enthusiasm wanes unless it’s 5.0 or better. For 7.5? Nuh-uh.

  • When I left, my little hand-held anemometer (down at water’s edge) was reading 28-30, lulls 20-25 and gusts 35. No wonder my 4.7 felt powered-up!

    But I’d have to say that “30” at Seneca is nothing like Erie. Can’t say about Hamburg, but when Presque Isle went to 30 the swells were logo high (see Joe in the pic above). Seneca swells/waves are more…[Read more]

  • What an afternoon! I sailed like cr*p, all in all, terrible on jibes, but had some nice airs and fair to good wave rides. The whole RWS gang was there well ahead of me, as I got there at about 2:15.

    Started off and was underpowered-to-powered on 4.7 Freak and *Board Kombat. I generally suck until I’m fully powered-up, and today was no exception.…[Read more]

  • Looks like the 20-knot rule may take effect tomorrow. Probably will be gusty, gnarly, challenging winds, but it’ll be sunny, in the low 60s, November doesn’t get any better than that.

    Seneca, Canandaigua, any other lake with an axis facing S. Current Fx is for SSE, so, despite my predilections for the State Park, Geneva Town Dock site is the top…[Read more]

  • Cool!

    Yes, that’s Suan (blue sail), Peter (yellow sail), and I don’t know the name of the third rider. I got there later (based on the clouds) and had a good 7.5 session before it got flukey. Scott showed up after it was over, and never launched but did he go help a kiter (haven’t heard the details).

  • OK, wind dudes and dudettes…last cast of the season as I’m away next weekend for work and those of you still reading this probably have a good notion of how to find wind.

    Jazzed to write this for you, coming off a GREAT mini-session this evening. It’s not often that I have a perfect session, usually only 1 or 2 half days when I’m down in…[Read more]

  • Nice jump!

    Kevin and Jeff drove up from Ithaca to Sodus, and kited there. Jeff said 45 minutes was enough for him, but Kevin did well on his 7.0.  I had a previous commitment with Deb to go for a hike to see fall colors, and we were running out of weekends. So on Saturday we went to Letchworth and hiked on both sides of the canyon. Amazing…[Read more]

  • Sorry for the late post. House got hit by lightning (4th time in 3 years), always enters via the coaxial cable and wipes out my LAN (fortunately not my computers this time, I think, though my TV is in doubt). New modem and router seem to have me back up…

    For Big O aficionados who have never had a serious injury, or gotten into the rinse cycle…[Read more]

  • Suan (Yong) is the correct spelling. Very good rider from Ithaca, but (my editorial) he suffers from Ithaca-ism. Since I first met Suan, he’s gotten quite good despite riding most of the time in the flukey winds of East Shore at Cayuga Lake. Hopefully, we’ll get Suan and others up to Seneca more often.

  • Wow, already 1/2-way through October. I must have been distracted by the election…


    S wind, low to mid-teens with gusts in the 20s. Sail choice sort-of depends on the size of the gusts. This Fx is an up-rating from the last 2 days, so hopefully the trend will continue and it’ll be even bigger and a nice sunny day. Less gusty in the AM,…[Read more]

  • When I lived up there, I’ve sailed Oneida Shores many times, and was told that the best non-live index is the Syracuse Airport wind. Needs to be b/w 80º and 120º (i.e., cannot be much north of due E and only a little S of due E), and needs to be 10 mph or higher. That produces 15+ on the water due to a venturi effect from the narrowing width of t…[Read more]

  • Difficult weekend, the timing of things are changing and it’s hard to know what will happen. Cold front coming through, but the expected timing was better the last 2 days than now. Oh well. I have family and friends in Hilton Head, where they evacuated and are fearing a 12-15′ storm surge. If they get it, the gear I have down there will probably…[Read more]

  • This board was taken to Hatteras to be put on consignment, and is no longer in the area.

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